Syncronice Fusion

Syncronice Fusion


Connecting the analog and digital world.
As its name suggests: Syncronice Fusion combines the fabolous analog era and the digital future. Combined with the SKAA® transmitters for mobile devices it creates an unique experience for music and instrument lovers. With Syncronice Fusion we follow up on our vision of the most flexible wireless audio system on earth.

Made in Germany.

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  • Long-range multi-input Syncronice transmitter especially for MM turntables, made in Germany

  • Includes RIAA pre-amplifier

  • Works with standard MM Phono sources

  • Also supports line-level stereo analog audio sources such as CD players and music players

  • Dual input:  2 independent pairs of RCA input jacks

  • Source select switch enables easy switching between turntable and line-level analog audio source

  • 3-level switch enables the line-level RCA jacks to be set up to handle just about any analog audio source, no matter how quiet or hot

  • Sends audio to up to 4 receivers

  • Use up to 5 transmitters in the same area

  • No pairing required

  • 50 meters (150 feet) indoor range

  • Low latency, great for watching TV, movies and playing games and musical instruments

  • Includes 12 V Power Supply

  • Ships with SKAA OS 2.4, works with all receivers running SKAA OS 2.1 or newer

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