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The Wireless Audio system

A lightning fast wireless audio system. It transmits music, game and video sound in crystal clear quality to all your speakers and headphones in sync.

We are a global team of specialists and created an outstanding wireless audio technology called SKAA. With SYNCRONICE we build the world’s most flexible wireless audio system. SYNCRONICE is a digital pioneer in the Internet of Things, closely collaborating with SIGFOX, the global leading IoT-ecosystem.

Syncronice Hub

Black aluminium. Timeless design. Plug and play installation. Syncronice any audio source wirelessly with unique speakers and receivers.

Syncronice Hub is the highly flexible wireless audio transmitter for any source – made in Germany. The transmitter can be connected via its digital and analog inputs. Every flatscreen TV, CD-, DVD- and Blu-ray-Player, digital receiver, console or mixer can be connected.

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